The Model:

Ensuring sustainability through capacity building and community strengthening to promote self-sufficiency and recovery after the Ebola virus disease epidemic.

The Talboy Foundation believes that the most sustainable asset and the basis for an improved future will be attained through education, health, and business empowerment. The Foundation will fund educational and business empowerment grants as a means to this end. To receive assistance from the Foundation, recipients must give back; therefore, these grants and scholarships will be awarded to those who commit to giving back to their community and the orphanages in which they were raised to promote long-term sustainability. All grants and scholarships awarded will be through a competitive process.


1. Education Grants

A Mary L. Talboy Memorial Grant will be awarded to Ebola infection survivors, women, and orphans. In return for receiving a scholarship, the recipient must commit to 8 hours a week of providing tutoring or mentoring services to a younger survivor, woman, or child. Recipients, therefore, will be molding their own ability to educate and mentor while providing education in the community (unless the child is a high school student or younger).



2. Health Grants

Those seeking a medical degree and receiving financial assistance through the Glenn E. Talboy, MD, Memorial Grant must agree to complete their residencies in Liberia and provide community service in Liberia by either mentoring or tutoring a junior medical student or providing community service to a health care facility. These scholarships do not include accommodations, graduation fees, or other fees. Those receiving either sustenance or payments for medical bills will provide educational or other public services commensurate to the payment amount. 


3. Empowerment of Women Grants

Female recipients of a Harold L. Shaw Memorial Business Empowerment Grant for starting their own business must agree to mentor or tutor a younger female. Women who receive the Mary L. Talboy Memorial Award must agree to perform 8 hours a week of tutoring or mentoring for a younger survivor, woman, or child.

Additionally, scholarships will be provided to children of single mothers. Mothers whose children receive this scholarship must agree to provide at least 8 hours of working with her child on school work per week.

4. Orphanage Grants

Recipients of the John H. “Casey” Koenig grant for business development must agree to provide community service by either mentoring or tutoring a person or by performing another type of community service for the orphanage they had attended as a child.